Riding Lessons
Horse Riding Lessons

At Providence we know how important it is to develop strength, balance and confidence in our riders. We staff professionals that have the knowledge and experience to teach this technique in tailored lessons appropriate for each age, ability, and level of experience. We understand that selection of suitable horses and ponies and their care and training is essential for the success of our program. We focus on hunt seat and jumping instruction for children and adults in either a group, small group, or private lessons.

School Year Session 2024-2025 (August 19, 2024-June 7, 2025)
Vacation Dates: 9/2/24, 11/28/24-11/30/24, 12/23/24-1/1/25, 5/26/25
School Year Tuition
$75 Registration fee- Due with school year session registration.
$345/month - 1 hour group (4-6 riders) or 45 min weekly limited group lessons (3 riders)
$365/month - 1 hour semi-private lessons (2 riders) Lesson format reserved for boarders
$100/ a la carte lesson - Group and Limited Group. Semi-private and private are reserved for boarders. A la carte lessons are available to students enrolled in our weekly lesson program. Tuition is due at the time of service.
$85 - Evaluation lesson. Intended for new students to assess their group lesson placement.


Summer Sessions 2024
Session A: 6/10/24 - 7/21/24, Lessons held twice weekly, total of 10 lessons Tuition- $900
Vacation Dates: 7/1/24- 7/6/24
Session B: 7/22/24 - 8/17/24, Lessons held twice weekly, total of 8 lessons Tuition- $720
Summer Tuition
$740/9 weeks - 1-hour weekly group (4-6 riders) or 45 min (3 students maximum) group
$785/9 weeks - 45 min semi-private lessons (2 riders). Lesson format reserved for boarders
$855/9 weeks - 45 min weekly private lessons. Lesson format reserved for boarders.
A la Carte Lessons are available to students enrolled on our weekly lesson program
$85/lesson for group or limited group and $100/lesson for private instruction. Tuition is due at the time of service.

Camp / Session tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable.


📋 2023 - 2024 PEC Registration Form and Brochure

Lesson Descriptions

Beginner I - Learn to safely approach, halter, and lead a horse, learn to groom, tack, mount, and dismount, introduction to riding aids, learn correct riding position and balance exercises, introduce walking and trotting, introduce the concept of diagonals, learn the two-point position and posting at the trot, practice utilizing riding aids in steering exercises, trail riding.

Beginner II - Know parts of the tack, learn diagonals, begin pole work, learn to canter, introduce sitting trot, improve and strengthen two-point position, improve use of all riding aids in steering and gait transitions, trail riding.

Beginner III - Tacking independently, increase strength and body position at walk, trot, and two-point, introduction to no stirrup work at the walk and trot, improve the use of all riding aids, begin cantering individually, introduction to leads, develop ability and confidence in pole patterns, introduction to x-rail jumping and stride counting.

Intermediate I - Work on transitions, know leads, expand the use of riding aids, including leg yielding, half halting, and leg-to-hand, introduce collection and extension at the canter, continue to work on x-rails and jumping small solids, begin course work, improve stride counting.

Intermediate II - Develop clear understanding and execution of circles, serpentine and figure eight patterns, continue transition work, develop leg-to-land and apply to course work, improve counting, balance, position, and strength over fences, jumping to 2’3”.

Advanced - Continue position strengthening, apply prior knowledge to higher jumps, master and execute flying lead changes, consistent balance and rhythm in coursework, master ability to alter stride length on the flat and in coursework, utilize all aids to maximize responsiveness and ride ability. We offer individually tailored instruction for advancing equestrians based on riding goals in hunt seat, jumping, and equitation disciplines.