Providence Equestrian Boarding

PEC Boarding

Boarding at Providence offers every owner the peace of mind that their horse receives the highest quality care under veterinary supervision in a safe, well managed facility. All details of horse care are prioritized and managed daily for optimum health, performance, and injury prevention. Each horse receives an individual training schedule established on a weekly basis to optimize conditioning, performance, and preparation. We use training rides, treadmill and theraplate sessions, and longing or pessoaing to prepare horses for their owners. Combine this with our professional groom staff and arena footing second to none, we have what you need to provide the highest quality care for your horse. Protect your investment and enjoy excellence in performance at Providence.

Boarding Rates
$1950/month Board services include cleaning the stall throughout the day, feed and water, hay 3-4 times per day, turn out, blanketing as weather dictates, feeding supplied supplements,
administering medications, hand walking in inclement weather, grooming, laundry, and arranging for farrier and other services. Training services included in this board are treadmilling, pessoaing, longing, and up to 3 training rides per week. Additional rides are billed at $50/ride. Treatments included in this board are hoof packing, prophylactic hoof treatments, wrapping, poulticing, medicated baths, icing, and soaking, and minor wound treatment. A supply fee of $80 will be charged to each boarder quarterly. Tacking service is available upon request during established hours. Absentee owner board is $2200/month.