Providence Equestrian Center

Providence Equestrian Boarding & Leasing

PEC Boarding and leasing

Boarders at Providence have peace of mind knowing they have premium care provided by experienced, knowledgeable staff. They enjoy the added benefit of veterinary supervision and management. They have onsite access to veterinary care and chiropractic services. Their horses are able to benefit from the use of equipment such as a laser, theraplate, and treadmill. They ride year round in the 70' X 200' covered arena and the outdoor 125' X 275' state of the art arena with fiber footing. Each boarder receives a private locker in a beautiful tack room and access to well lit wash stalls, centrally located with heaters and fans.

Boarders benefit from a full care program designed specifically for their horse by our expert staff. Our boarders receive daily grooming for their horse, tacking services, laundry services and training services as needed. Board is $1,495 per month or $1,795 per month for absentee owners. Let us take care of your horse so you can enjoy the ride!

We have three different leasing options for our riders. a school horse lease, half lease, or full lease. The choice on type of lease is usually determined by time commitment, riding and showing goals, and budget.

School Horse Leasing- Riders must be concurrently enrolled in lessons at PEC.

School Horse Lease:
$495/month. Includes two independent lease ride times outside of your lesson or lessons and guaranteed use of your favorite horse in lessons. Lease times are to be arranged by Providence. School horses available to lease are Brandy and Oreo.

Horse Half Leases and Full leases
also available and priced individually. Lesser to assume all board, veterinary, farrier, husbandry, and insurance expenses for full leases and half board, veterinary, farrier, husbandry and insurance expenses for half leases.

Lease payments are due on the first of each month during the school session and by the first day of the summer session for summer leasing.
Late payments are subject to a $25 late fee.